With 16 speakers sharing their wisdom across 13 hours, it’s fair to say that CopyCon21 was a meal, not a snack.

In case you missed it, I’ve whittled down some of that expertise into three key themes you can use to make

1. Start and end with your customer

One of…

“Never work for free” goes the old freelancing adage. But whether it’s free haircuts for the homeless, the plumbing in the village hall or a web design project for a local non-profit, sometimes we want to offer our skills to worthy causes without attaching an invoice.

Technology copywriter,

If you read my blog regularly (hi, mum), you’ll know I’m all about practical advice and tips. But for this post, we’re hanging up our practical pants and taking a trip. We’re going to do a bit of what (I’m told) they call ‘blue-sky thinking’.

The topic? Women at work…

After a stressful and overbooked April, I took three days off for a spot of gardening and a lot of wine drinking. It was during one of those sun-soaked afternoons that I decided I’d trial a four-day week for the summer months.

The intention

I settled on Friday for my extra day…

You’ve probably heard of or even bought from a sustainable brand. You’ve read about the great things they’re doing for the ocean or the changes they’ve made to their supply chain. Maybe the recent news headlines had you wishing you could do more to help.

How can we apply that…

In June 2019, they hit the road. They visited eight towns. Children and young people learnt how to make ancient-style wooden Alaia surfboards and then how to surf them. They practised making natural surf wax and surfboard leashes from plastic bags collected from the beach. They took part in expressive…

A year ago, I published my first blog post for my business. I’d blogged before, sure. For clients, for myself as a wide-eyed, baggy-trousered backpacker. But this felt scary. Writing stuff that represented my business. Writing stuff that would convince clients I’m a great hire. Writing stuff…gulp…other writers would read…

As business owners and freelancers, we often have to make important decisions. Should I take on that client? How much should I charge? Is this piece of work ready to submit?

Without a team to turn to, what tools do we use to make those decisions? We might look at…

Affordable, quick and quantifiable, it’s easy to see why so many small businesses looking to do good turn to tree planting. Here, I give you the lowdown on planting trees for your business from the folk doing their bit to give back.

Why should I plant trees?

For SEO specialist and writer

As writers and creatives, we talk a lot about process. The blank page, the often horrendous first draft and the work that goes into delivering something presentable in the end.

I don’t know about you, but I never keep my first drafts. I save over them with my edits and…


Sally is a freelance copywriter who writes beautiful brand stories, powerful web copy and compelling content for purpose-led businesses.

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